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hands down, my favorite collection at fashion week this WHOLE year. Can Mr. Saab do ANYTHING wrong? apparently not; year after year, his designs amaze me; they’re timeless.

I don’t even know where to start. It was like walking through a garden in the springtime: all camellia whites, rosy pinks and reds, and vivid greens. The jumpsuits?!! incredible!, my favorites were the pink number at the start of the show and the black one towards the end. The black and white patterned designs with the splashes of colorful flowers were surprising given Saab’s propensity for monochrome but they were welcomed change nonetheless. It was a party, a wonderfully colorful and lacy garden party. And the splash of black dresses at the end of the show with all sorts of lace and embroidery? absolute genius and they stole the show.

If I die and miraculously make it to heaven, I want Elie Saab to be waiting for me with a custom-fitted design from his collection. - AC.

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Posted on Wednesday, 30 October
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